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Duke is a 6 year old beagle mix currently living in the Wicker Park neighborhood of Chicago. Duke may have a full gray beard, but he's a puppy at heart. He is a big fan of walks and his favorite place to wander is the 606 trail. He also enjoys playing catch but doesn't know when enough is enough and will play until your arm falls off. 

When not working on his low rider physique, you can find Duke frequenting dog friendly breweries and bars. He is an extrovert who loves to interact with people. With his odd shape and bigger than life personality, he has become the center of attention everywhere he goes. Since Duke is now a full blown diva, he requires his own spot in the bed as well as a pillow to lay on. He will also cry if he hasn't been pet in five minutes.

Nothing gets Duke more excited than food (naps are a close 2nd) and at the top of the list are Petipet treats. His favorite flavor is the Turmeric Bars because has has a very refined palate and because it helps his joints after a long day outside. For more Duke moments, you can follow on Instagram @boop_the_duke. 

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