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Unlikely Dog Friends

Unlikely Dog Friends

Unlikely Dog Friends

You may remember viral videos from years past of the interesting relationships dogs have made with other species. Who can forget Bubbles the Elephant and her dog friend, Bella?

Dogs are still forming these friendships, and we’ve collected some of the most unusual.

The Dog and the Coyote

Recently a dog and a coyote enjoyed a day of play in a Tempe, Arizona cul-de-sac.

The Airedale and its wild friend ran back and forth frolicking as a resident videotaped them. A local coyote sanctuary reviewed the footage and confirmed that the coyote really was showing play behaviors but warned that not all coyotes would be so friendly toward dogs.

Barclay and Rudy

Barclay, a golden retriever, has a special friend. A duck named Rudy.

It all started because Barclay was kind of a pig. When his mom brought home ducks, he wasn’t impressed. But when he found out their food was tasty, he went for it.

You would think he might form relationships with all of the ducks, but the ducks had an alpha – Rudy. Rudy doesn’t let any other duck (and sometimes not even humans or other dogs) near Barclay. The dog is HIS best friend, and that’s just how it’s going to be.

You can follow their friendship on Instagram and YouTube.

Moose and Juniper

This unlikely friendship started in a rescue home when Moose’s owner, Jessica, brought home a baby fox.

That fox, Juniper, is now famous but all she cares about is Moose. According to an interview Jessica gave to Bored Panda, she thinks Juniper is even in love with Moose!  

Theirs isn’t the only unlikely friendship in the house, though. Jessica rescues all kinds of animals, including another fox named Fig, primates, lizards, possums, and more.

You can follow Moose, Juniper, and the whole gang on Instagram.

Koda and the Deer

When Koda the Husky went missing near his rural home in Canada, his owners were worried. It wasn’t like their young pup to go out for three whole days.

When he came home, he would still go out wandering for hours.  It wasn’t until a neighbor returned from a hunting trip that the mystery was solved.

The neighbor discovered that he had dozens of images of Koda captured on game cameras scattered throughout his property.

Koda had befriended a young buck and was hanging out with a deer herd. They played, snacked, and roamed around together. The dog even snuggled with the buck at naptime.

Nikita the Rottweiler

Nikita was a puppy when she met her first unlikely friend, Piggy. Nikita’s home was the Daktari Bush School and Wildlife Orphanage where South African children learn about nature while caring for orphaned animals.

Piggy was a warthog that had been orphaned and was very sickly. Nikita helped nurse him back to health and the pair formed a close friendship.

When Piggy was released back into the wild, it wasn’t long before Nikita found a new friend in Chancy the antelope. Nikita has gone on to make more unusual friendships in her life at the school.

See Nikita and her animal and human friends on Instagram.

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