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Simple. Apples, Sweet Potatoes and Ginger fortified with Turmeric, Curcumin and Quercetin produce an effective and healthy anti-inflammation and anti-allergen solution.

Our product is produced in a human food facility, with certified human-grade ingredients.

The product is never cooked, so our Turmeric, Curcumin and Quercetin Inflammation and Allergy Relief agents don't lose any potency from the heat.


Turmeric, and it's active component Curcumin, have proven to be essential anti-inflammatory supplements in both the human and canine diet.

Our Turmeric Bars have been proven to naturally fight off inflammation and aggravation associated with everyday allergens and keep dogs happy and playful by working to ensure their immune functions are operating optimally.


 If you are, for any reason, unsatisfied with our Turmeric Bars call us and we will immediately process a full refund.


We have tried to make several homemade turmeric recipes. Not only is is a total mess, the dogs will not eat the treats. They love Petipet's Tumeric Bars. I grab the bag and they are all waiting to get their pieces. - Tina C


Only the best for my baby!! These Turmeric Bars are a very clean source of ingredients to help provide optimal health for my dog. Highly recommend this product. - Frederica T.


Frankie loved them! He is always excited to eat them. - Nelsy C.


Dogs love these. My dogs can't get enough of these Bars. Will order again. - Peg S.



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